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Daily Constitutional accepts submissions for SoundCast on an ongoing basis. We will review submissions periodically and select works to be included in each online exhibition. Currently each exhibition is featured for three months, then archived to feature the next exhibition.

Next review deadline will be July 15th for the August - October Exhibition

1) Audio works should be mixed for two channel listening (i.e. Stereo)

2) There is no length limit to the audio works but remember people will be downloading them and large files might be a deterrent to listeners

3) Submitted sound files should be compressed in MP3 format (we will not be responsible for loss of quality due to compression and/or conversion to a MP3 format if WAV, AIFF or any other formats are submitted)

4) Submissions should also include:
Image to accompany download (300 x 300 @ 72dpi and we will resize for the web)
Title of piece, Date
Artist Name
Artist's Web Site
Length of piece
Short description if you would like to set up the piece or if there are specific instructions (i.e. best if listened to on headphones/speakers)

5) Submissions will be accepted via e-mail at submissions@dailyconstitutional.org until our online application process is up and running

6) Questions can be answered at submissions [at] dailyconstitutional [dot] org

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