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Entry Procedure: Submissions may be sent via Postal Mail with downloadable application or e-mail all the required material to submissions@dailyconstitutional.org

Electronic Submission: Submissions should include:

1) The writing for publication OR written proposal for magazine specific work
**Submitted text should be in a Word document or similar format (no PDF’s)
**Please try to keep written submissions to less than 1500 words

2) A written 100 word Bio and e-mail or website to be printed on the contributor’s page: to be used if writing/project selected

3) Three images of recent work: JPEG’s no larger than 300 x 300 at 72 resolution
**Any images to be used with submitted text should be in TIFF format at 300 resolution for print

4) Slide list to accompany images, containing Name, Title, Date, Materials, Size and a one sentence description of piece

5) Current Bio / CV including Address and Phone #

6) Copyright waiver / Permission of Use (below in italic) typed into body of e-mail

By submitting to the call for entries to Daily Constitutional, I agree to allow Daily Constitutional
to reproduce and use any or all of the items, for publication and/or promotional purposes as
related only to the magazine.

I also certify that all of the content contained within the submission is original and that I am the
author and hold the copyright. Any information, quotes or images I have used and I am not the
author of have been properly documented and accredited. Any images that I have submitted as
supportive material to my text have been used with permission from the copyright holder.

**We do NOT review or print portfolios. Submissions sent without some sort of written component will not be reviewed. Written component can be interpreted loosely and may include text based work, proposals for works/projects that are possible within a magazine format, Manifestoes, Classified Ads, Letters to the Editor, Comics, Jokes, Food, Rants, Raves and Gobbledygook. Artists are creative people, use your imagination, and we strongly suggest reading previous issues before submitting. The entire first issue is available online for your convenience at www.dailyconstitutional.org/issue_1.html

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