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A Stir in Richmond, Virginia

by Steve Rockwell
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"...John Henry Blatter, started the Daily Constitutional along with Benjamin Jones and Derek Coté, as an outlet and forum for the individual artist¹s voice. In fact, our paths crossed in Miami Beach at the scope art fair, where we were both releasing magazines. Blatter observed that critics, theorists, curators and gallerists seem to have taken over the articulation of thoughts and ideas that might just as well be expressed by artists themselves. Blatter looks back to a time when artists such as Judd, Smithson, Man Ray, Duchamp, or the Surrealists and Dadaists, penned letters, essays, and manifestoes. They had something to say and did something about it.

With the slogan, A Publication for the Artist¹s Voice, and a somewhat formal script for the Daily Constitutional logo, there is an ironic reference to a time before modernism. It is a Declaration of Independence of sorts from today¹s art power-cliques and an artists¹ call to arms..."


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