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From the Stacks: January 12, 2007
—By Staff, Utne.com

January 2007 Issue
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The Daily Constitutional is not like other art magazines. For one thing, it's not published in a highfalutin art-scene city, hailing instead from Richmond, Virginia. For another, it provides more space for artists' writings than for their works; the Daily Constitutional is not a glossy, expensive showcase with strategically placed white-space. Editor in chief John Henry Blatter explained his vision in the inaugural issue, published just over a year ago: "[W]e artists seldom write about our art and art-making in a forum that is readily available to anyone else." Such exposition has become the domain of critics, theorists, and gallery owners. But fret not -- the Daily Constitutional doesn't get bogged down in academic art-speak either. The current issue (#3) is a down-to-earth grab bag of paintings, photographs, letters, and prose contributed by more than 25 artists. At the back of the magazine, do what you will with 10 nearly blank pages crowned by random words like "hot poop" and "scuttlebutt." -- Danielle Maestretti


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