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Issue 6,
By Proxy

August 16th, 2008
Printed Matter NYC

cover by Nick Thurston
Table of Contents
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Letter from the Editor
An Approximation

Letters to the Editor
Would-be Performance Artist in Idaho



Who’s Afraid of the Robot’s Finger Painting on the Refrigerator?
Edward Winkleman


Wayback Machine
Justin Lincoln

Dear Mom,
Derek Cote

Creative Vivisection
Carl Gopalkrishnan

Chris Clarke

Conversations From The Life Of An Art Student
Megan Webb

Creative Process and Truth
Leo Kogan

How to Decipher Truth
Blair Butterfield

Don’t You Sometimes Get Depressed By All The Gloss Of It?
Isabelle Webster

By Proxy
Mark Cameron Boyd

The Golden
Stephen Ausherman

They Went OnTravelling
Anne Rook

What Am I Doing?
Evertt Beidler

Heart Pacemaker
Barry Hughes

By Proxy
Noel Fignier


David Opdyke

Baby Boomers Are Afraid Of Dying
& Shadow Studies
Jack Wax


Neo-Symbolist Manifesto
William Platz

Creative Thinking Skills - John Henry Blatter
Lesson Objectives for My Son - Justin Lincoln
Manifesto of the Catastraphic Wave - Willow Fox

The Uncalculated Adventures of Trash Snow (excerpt)
Sanders Watson

Art Contest Winner
Evertt Beidler (back cover)

Sarah Rebekah Byrd Mizer


By Proxy by Mark Cameron Boyd
* rules and regulations

Mark Cameron Boyd's piece entitled 'By Proxy' was created specifically for Daily Constittuional's readers. This Limited Edition consists of 1999 unsigned and unnumbered prints plus 1 signed and numbered print to be given to the first Collaborator to complete the work. The piece is conceived for multiple "players" who perform individual transcriptions and the required decoding actions in a "private" yet competitive format that mimics the "participatory" nature of the art experience.

Upon confirmation of the completed work, the winning collaborator will mail the issue in to have it signed and numbered by Mr. Boyd and returned.

1) E-mail the completed text from page 44 of issue #6 to: editor@dailyconstitutional.org
2) The first reader to submit the correct text will recieve directions as to what to do next
3) Once a winner has been confirmed, we will post it here
4) Please send questions, except "What is the text", to: editor@dailyconstitutional.org

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