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Issue 4, Untitled

Table of Contents
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Untitled (letter from the editor)
What's in an Opportunity?

Untitled (letters)
Jorge Benitez

Untitled (contributors)

Untitled (chorus)

Cerealcide and the Happy Face Killer
Ella Watson

Dear Mom,
Derek Cote

Interview with Johan Lundh
Johan Lundh

And Tomorrow
David Rule

Defining the Object: Abstract II
Alice Bradshaw

Justin Lincoln

Untitled (projects)

The Pledge
Richard Humann

Siemon Allen

Key Promises
Jean Shin

Untitled (have you seen this artist?)
The Genesis of Neosymbolism - Nick Demos

Untitled (manifestoes)
Anjali Deshmukh
PAM - Lee Wells, Raphaele Shirley, Chris Borkowski, Aaron Miller

Untitled (direction)
Ask Adam

Untitled (jest)
The Island - Natty Bumpercar
Pseudo Poet - Jamie Marie Waelchi

Untitled (art contest)

Sarah Buckius
Jason D Szalla
Chris Clark
Sarah Mizer
Tim DeVoe
Nicole Baumann


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