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Deadline for artwork and copy for Winter 7 Issue: TBA


Daily Constitutional, a publication for the artist's voice, was started three years ago as a response to the fact that artists don't write about what they are involved in any more. We decided to give them an excuse to do so, as well as present opportunities for artist’s to publish projects.

2007 brought much success to Daily Constitutional. Our June release of Summer Issue 4 in Basel, Switzerland, generated a lot of European interest for us, and we are looking forward to continued interest and support throughout 2008. In addition, Daily Constitutional is launching two new projects, SoundCast, a sampling of unlimited edition downloadable sound works, as well as a series of limited editions by some of our contributing artists. Daily Constitutional has also been the proud sponsor of SoundScope, at the Scope Art Fairs which were greatly successful in creating opportunities for artists, as well as bringing sound installation to the public.

As an artist-run publication, we rely on our readers, contributors, and supporters for our continued success and hope that you will consider advertising with us for Issue 7. Attached you will find a press kit including some of our recent accomplishments, press, and ad rates. I hope you will take the time learn about us and consider supporting us for our Winter Issue 7 and future issues.


2007 Facts & Figures

Daily Constitutional has gained a strong following in its first 36 months. Our website experiences over 15,000 hits by over 950 visitors per month,750 of which are unique visitors and growing. The online readership comes from over 82 countries. Our submission base is equally diverse including artists from the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

Here is what the Press has to say about Daily Constitutional:

    Daily Constitutional is highly recommended for all artist book collections.
         Umbrella Editions, Los Angeles

    Declaration of Independence of sorts from today’s art power-cliques.
         Dart International, Toronto, Canada

    The Daily Constitutional is not like other art magazines fret not -- the Daily Constitutional doesn't get bogged down in academic art-speak
         Utne Reader, Minneapolis

In addition, Daily Constitutional was also referenced in Artkrush.com’s feature on alternative art publications

Daily Constitutional is printed twice yearly with a print run of 2,000. This limited run is intended to function as a limited edition in and of itself. The mission of Daily Constitutional is to provide an international outlet and forum for the individual Artist’s voice, and to provide a place to express, exchange and discuss, without interpretation, the artist’s opinions, ideas and discoveries within one’s practice. For this reason, distribution and release events are currently scheduled to coincide with major international art fairs and events including the Miami Art Fairs (inaugural Winter 1 Issue), Scope Hamptons and Scope London (Summer 2 Issue), Scope Miami and Scope New York (Winter 3 Issue), Scope Basel Switzerland (Summer Issue 4) and the Southern Graphics Print Conference (Winter 5 Issue). Daily Constitutional is distributed free of charge during release events and is available for the price of $4.28 at various outlets, as well as via our website. www.dailyconstitutional.org



Print Edition: limited edition of 2,000 copies
Outlets: Printed Matter, New York City
New Museum, New York City
Open Space, Victoria, BC
DCCA, Wilmington, DE
MoCA, Los Angeles, CA
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
Chop Suey Books, Richmond
Quirk Gallery, Richmond
Fountain Bookstore, Richmond
Under the Table, Los Angeles
DDR Projects, Long Beach
Transmission, Richmond
IPO, Miami
Marc de Peuchredon, Basel
National and International Art Fairs
Sponsored Exhibitions


Web Traffic
Average monthly hits: 15,000
Visitors per month: 950+
Unique visitors per month: 750+
Countries reached: 82+
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